The College of Denturists  of British Columbia 

is the regulatory body for registered
denturists in British Columbia. The
CDBC sets standards and regulates
Denturism to ensure quality practice
and protection of the public.

Registration renewals are due no later than Saturday March 31, 2018 at the CDBC office and must include payment, the completed online form and confirmation of completion of a minimum of 5 hours of approved professional development. Registration renewal is not complete until CDBC has received all three items. Incomplete or late registration renewals will be subject to a 35% late payment fee.

QA Program requirements are directly tied to registration renewal and must be completed on/before Saturday March 31, 2018. They include annual completion of the QA Checklist, QA Tool and at least 5 hours of professional development. Active Registrants must engage in a minimum of 675 hours of denturism practice for every three years of active registration.

In BC, regulatory colleges license most health care professionals. Regulatory colleges have a mandate to protect you. So you can expect qualified, ethical and safe care from your regulated health care provider. Make sure your health professional is regulated and accountable. Saying you are one, doesn’t make you one. For more videos please go to: