Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for all aspects of registration and licensing, including examinations.

Committee Members

Tracey Turko
Robert Whiteley
Patricia Dooley
Alison Nicholls
Public member
Public member

Mandate for the Registration Committee is found in section 20 of the Health Professions Act.


  • The Committee is responsible for granting registration of a person as a member of the College of Denturists of British Columbia.
  • The Committee must grant registration to every person who, in accordance with the requirements of the bylaws,
    • applies to the College for registration,
    • satisfies the Committee that he or she is qualified to be a Registrant, and
    • pays the required fees.
  • A person whose application for registration is refused by the Committee may appeal the refusal to the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Of the three requirements for registration noted above, the one of substantive interest is the requirement that the Committee be satisfied that the applicant is qualified to be registered as a denturist. All of the application and examination requirements set out in the bylaws support this factor.

Additional powers, duties and functions of the Registration Committee may be found in section 1.14 of the Bylaws.