Active Full Applicants

To apply for active full registration with the College of Denturists of British Columbia, please complete and submit the following:
      1)  Application for Active Full Registration.
      2)  Application fee of $200 plus GST ($210) - cheque or money order to the College of Denturists of British Columbia.
      3)  Authorization for Release of information from your Canadian regulatory college.
      4)  Statutory Declaration signed by a notary or lawyer. 
      5)  Passport sized photograph, signed by a notary or lawyer, indicating the likeness of the person applying for registration.
      6)  Consent to a Criminal Record Check
             a)  Schedule Type: B
             b)  Works With:  Children and vulnerable adults
             c)  Complete Part 1
             d)  Complete Part 2, section A - call the College office for information.
             e)  Do not complete Part 2, section B
             f)  Organization Type:  Government Agency
             g)  Sign and date consent for release. 
             h)  As per the Criminal Record Review Program primary and secondary identification must be verified by College staff.  
             i)  If it is not convenient to attend to the College office use the Identification Verification form.
             j)  Criminal Record Check fee of $28 - certified cheque or money order made out to the Minister of                             Finance
                    - or submit a Criminal Records Review Program application for
Pre-Authorized Credit Card Usage.
      7)  Three letters of reference, satisfactory to the Registration Committee, as proof of your good character, consistent with the responsibilities of a registrant and the standards expected of a registrant.  Please see the Reference Letter Guideline for additional information. 

Please send all application documents to the College of Denturists of British Columbia.