Filing a Complaint

What Are Your Rights?

The mandate of the College of Denturists of British Columbia is to serve and protect the public, by ensuring that Denturists provide safe and effective care.  As a patient, you have the right to expect a professional standard of care from your Denturist.  Should you feel that you have had an experience to the contrary, please contact the College.

College's Authority

The College regulates the practice of denturism in British Columbia and has authority over active denturists, intern denturists, non-practising denturists and previously registered denturists. 

Please note that the College does not have the legal authority to consider complaints that are solely of the monetary nature, such as prices and/or refunds.  Should your concerns entail these issues only, please consider contacting the BC Better Business Bureau or the Small Claims Court. 

How To File A Complaint

Any person can file a complaint against a Denturist registered with the College of Denturists of British Columbia. 

Patients should ensure that they have followed their treatment plan and expressed any concerns to their Denturist before initiating a complaint. 

The College can only act on a complaint when the Registrar receives it in writing , either in a letter, fax, or e-mail (Health Professions Act, s.32(1)).  The College can also accept a completed Complaint Form by postal mail, fax, e-mail or online

Complaints must include the following information:

  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • Denturist's name.
  • Type of denture you received.
  • Date the treatment began.
  • A description of your concerns.
  • Number of times you visited the Denturist, including dates if possible.
  • Whether or not you have advised the Denturist of your difficulties.
  • Any other information or documentation you feel is pertinent to the complaint.

The contact information for the College of Denturists of British Columbia is as follows,

College of Denturists of British Columbia
101 - 309 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC  V3L 3A7
Fax:      604-515-0534