Registrant Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved with the College?

  • The College is always looking for volunteers and would appreciate assistance in any of the following areas,
  • Let your name stand for an elected position on the College Board.
  • Volunteer to sit on a College Panel.
  • Assist the College with the Complete Denture Examinations. 
  • Assist the College with the Objectively Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE).
  • Be an Examination Coordinator.
  • If asked, agree to do a Peer Evaluation.
  • Mentor a student. 
  • Train to be an Investigator.
  • Write an article for the Articulator newsletter.
  • Develop a Quality Assurance Case Study.

How do I renew my license to practice Denturism? 

You must comply with the Quality Assurance program requirements before March 31st and submit your Renewal of Registration application and appropriate payment before March 31st. 

How long is one term on the College Board?

A term of office on the College Board is three years. 

Why am I not receiving a printed copy of the College's newsletter?

In 2011, the College agreed to reduce costs and our environmental footprint by publishing an electronic newsletter, rather than the paper version that had to be mailed to each Registrant. The electronic newsletter is sent to all Registrants with valid email addresses, as well as published on the College's website.

How do I change my registration from active to non-practising?

Please submit to the College office your signed application for non-practising registration (Form 6) along with the fee for the change in registration status (Schedule C). For more information about changing your registration from active to non-practising, please refer to section 4.06 of the College bylaws.

What is the College's current scope of practice?

Please refer to the Denturists Regulation under the 'Legislation' tab on this website or click here .

Can I attend a College of Denturists of BC Board meeting?

Yes, all meetings of the Board are open to Registrants and to the public. 

What is the difference between the Denturist Association of British Columbia and the College of Denturists of British Columbia?

The Denturist Association of BC is a member services organization with a mandate to serve the interests of Denturists in British Columbia. The College of Denturists of BC is a public services organization with a mandate to serve and protect the citizens of British Columbia.  

I'm thinking about mentoring a Denturist intern.  How do I go about this?

First, read Schedule B of the College's bylaws to understand the requirements and expectations of being a mentor.  If agreeable, please contact the College of Denturists of BC for additional information.