Field Contribution Activity

To increase learning opportunities and provide ways for denturists to support one another, it is vital for professionals to share their knowledge and experiences. The sharing of information enables each denturist to strengthen their skills and create a standard of quality practice. Learning can be accomplished through the sharing of information, verbally or written, or through hands on experience or courses. Each person's learning style is different; therefore, the type of field contribution activity one chooses is a personal choice. Below is a list of field contribution activities. For the purposes of the Quality Assurance Program, a minimum of one field contribution activity is required each year. Registrants are more than welcome to pursue any number of activities; however, to qualify for the Quality Assurance Program, the same field contribution activity cannot be taken within a 3 year period, except for Continuing Education Courses and Study Groups.


  1. * Complete a Continuing Education Course:Any course(s) related to Dentistry/Denturism or topics listed in the Checklist or Quality Assurance Tool. A minimum of 5 hours per year is required, and the same course topic cannot be taken within a 3 year period.
  2. * Mentor a Student: A minimum of 20 hours spent mentoring the same student (as per the college bylaw # 40) throughout one year. The mentor cannot receive monetary compensation.
  3. * Participate in a Study Group: Groups of three or more dental professionals who meet face-to-face to discuss a topic related to denturism. Any number of meetings totaling to a minimum of 5 hours, with detailed minutes of the meeting(s) is required.
  4. * Publish an Article/Research: A literature review on a topic relating to Denturism published in a recognized mainstream media form (newspaper, magazine, book, etc.). Minimum 500 words.
    9 (2011)
  5. * Patient Feedback: Implement patient feedback forms in your practice over a period of time (minimum of 6 months) and summarize your results. Registrants need to provide the College with a blank sample patient feedback form that is given to your patients.
  6. * Develop a Case Study: (Please contact the College office for a blank template of a Case Study.) Develop a case study following the examples in Appendix C. Registrants need to request and complete the case study template provided by the College office. Minimum 500 words.
  7. Be an Examiner: A minimum of two days, as per available.
  8. Challenge an Objectively Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE – Please refer to the College for more information) : Receive a passing score of 65% or more.
  9. * Other: As approved by the Quality Assurance Committee.

* Registrants must submit the completed form(s) to the College office prior to March 31.